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Sweet Wine Pairings With Cheese

Sweet Wine Pairings With Cheese

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Sweet Wine and Cheese makes for the perfect pairing when entertaining for parties and celebrations. Here are the top sweet wine and cheese pairings
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  • As mentioned, these parings are as much to do with the cheese as they are to do with the wine.
  • When it comes to white wine, we try to balance out the acidity and taste.
  • With the red wines, we attempt to complement the tastes of both to allow them to work together in your palate.


  • Here is how to match the most popular sweet wines with the perfect cheese!


The popular sweet white wines.

  • This is often described as an off-dry wine that is also light bodied.
  • Moscato is often paired with flavors that will balance out the sweetness of it. Good choices include spicy or salty cheeses. Also, cheeses that are more buttery in taste and consistency.
  • This is another light in body and off dry white wine. Sweet Riesling is a fruity tasting wine and is paired with foods that will balance out its sweet taste. Salty and or strong flavored cheeses work well with Riesling.Blue Cheese, Aged Gouda, and Feta are good choices.
Sparkling Wines and Champagne.
  • Those bubbles add to the ease of pairing these with cheese as they help to balance out the more fatty in cheeses. I like the way these sparklers can balance out the softer and more buttery cheeses in my mouth. As a result, I like Camembert and Brie especially with the sparklers.

The popular sweet red wines wines.

Port, perhaps the sweetest of red wines. There are categories of the port wine.
  • Port wines in general are known as sweet and bodied.
  • Vintage Port has a deeper and full bodied fruit taste as well as with hints of spice and even chocolate.
  • This kind of port tastes good with taste-filled cheese such as Blue Cheese, Gorgonzola, or Sharp cheddar cheeses.Tawny Port- This is the more mellow yet richer and nutty in taste port wine. I like the idea of cheeses that are salty, hard cheeses such as Parmesan Reggiono.Smoked cheeses are good here too!
Merlot- known for a fruit tastes with maybe a bit of cedar and even chocolate in it.
  • This works well with a cheese that is hard or a cheese that softer as well. Gouda has a nice smokey taste that complements Merlot. Gruyere, Gorgonzola, and even Jarlsberg work well.
Syrah/Shiraz (depending on where it is from)
  • The intensity of taste in Syrah and Shiraz them go well with aged cheeses. Aged cheddar works well. Also, try Edam, Gouda, and Parmesan cheese with Syrah/Shiraz.
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